To support our customers’ aseptic pharmaceutical or radiopharmaceutical practice we provide regularly:

Leuco-Scint Accessories kit (Tc-MR-6/A)

  • Flow chart of Leuco-Scint Accessories kit (Tc-MR-6/A): Main Characteristics

    Leuco-Scint Accessories kits contains sterile tubes and transfer pipettes for 3 complete leucocyte separations and labellings.

    The one-patient-package contains:

    • 2 pcs 50 ml tube with screw cap
    • 2 pcs 3 ml Pasteur pipette
    • 5 pcs 15 ml sterile tube with screw cap

Sterile ampoules and sterile/vacuum ampoules

  • Assortment of sterile ampoules and sterile/vacuum ampoules: Main Characteristics