Quality Control Kits

The quality control evaluation of the kits at the clinical, hospital site before injection to the patient is of paramount importance. The supplied kits help our customers to do a quick and efficient quality control study to see impurities, stability, labelling efficiency and stability of the product intended for use with humans.

The quality control kit allows to our customers to control Tc-99m radiopharmaceuticals independently from the manufacturer.

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MediCheck Q.C. kit (MR-21)

  • MediCheck Q.C. kit (MR-21) for radiochemical purity determination (Sn2+ and Al3+, moreover pH) of 99mTc-compounds: Main Characteristics ce

Medi-Media Fill kit (MR-25)

  • Medi-Media Fill kit (MR-25) for environmental and personnel monitoring: Main Characteristics en it ce

Medi-Media Fill kit supply package (MR-25/S)

  • Contact plate supply-package for Medi-Media Fill kit: en