Veterinary Radiopharmaceuticals

Nuclear medicine is however not only for human but also for animal patients. The veterinary patients (dogs, cats, horses and exotic animals) are also investigated by scintigraphy and even by using hybrid imaging equipments (SPECT/CT, PET/CT).

Veterinary clinicians enjoy more and more often the high sensivity and specificity of the most advanced diagnostic imaging technology in the case of oncological-, neurological, endocrine-, inflammation/infection-, cardiac, orthopaedic- and hereditary diseases.

As the specific stadium based diagnoses have been achieved by nuclear medicine imaging technologies, more accurate and  targeted radiopharmaceutical therapy (e.g.: radioiodine therapy, receptor targeted therapy, etc.) could be offered to owners and participating vets. Veterinary nuclear medicine makes available the most advanced, individual, specific diagnosis and therapy for suffering animals, too.