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Get connected with Medi-Radiopharma

For technical information, for quotation or to order please contact either to the local established distributor or listed partner, 
and we are also glad to send the information.



10-12 Szamos Street, 2030 ÉRD, HUNGARY



Phone: +36-23-521-261

Fax: +36-23-521-260




 In partnership with GE Healthcare (GEHC)

GEHC is the authorized partner for the distribution of a range of MRP’s products in numerous European countries.
In case of product inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us - regardless of country name or product – we will direct you to our local distributor immediately.


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Drug Safety

Our company takes product quality and accountability regarding drug safety very seriously; we handle all enquiries, complaints or comments about our marketed products as a priority. 

If you have any complaint or comment about any of our products or product safety issues, then please let us know by contacting our safety group here:
Phone: +36-30-643-6850 (24-hour-service) or +36-30-952-4683 (24-hour-service) or +36-23-521-261 or +36-23-524-223 
We will evaluate the case and forward it appropriately to the relevant Authority in accordance with international regulations.
Please also contact us if you have any questions about our kits (link) or if you need information about the use of our products. Alternatively, you can also contact the Pharmacovigilance department of the Authority in your country.