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Our new manufacturing facility

Our new manufacturing facility will open its doors in Érd (by Budapest) by 2024.

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Medi-Radiopharma is increasing its production capacity in Hungary by building a new plant in order to meet market demands. The expansion consists of two phases, by the end of which the capacity of 3.2 million vials/year will be reached, which is sufficient to cover the entire European market.

Planned for the first quarter of 2024, Medi-Radiopharma will hand over its new plant in Érd, Hungary. The plant occupies a floor area of ​​12.000 square meters/3 acres, adding a production area of ​​2,600 square meters/28.000 square foot to the current capacity.

The capacity increase serves to ensure continuous production to meet market demands. The new production facility will triple the current production capacity, so that by the end of the first phase, the production of 1.5 million vials will be available, while by the end of the second phase, the production of 3.2 million vials will be available. This quantity is sufficient to serve the entire European market. In addition to production, the long-term storage capacity will also support the uninterrupted distribution chain.

„At Medi-Radiopharma our purpose is to serve healthcare and improve patient outcomes through a wide portfolio of high-quality products.”
Gergely Jánoki – MSC in Bioengineering, Quality Engineer, QP, EANM Cert. Radioph. – General Manager

Gergely Jánoki


manufacturing facility
manufacturing facility
manufacturing facility

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